How To Make The Safest Safe From Ordinary Cardboard

When it comes to sweets, Sammy loses his head! He is ready to eat all the candies on his way! Sammy is such a sweet tooth! Sue realized that without a safe storage she won’t be able to keep the candies safe. Therefore, she needs the most reliable super safe! Sammy decided to help Sue in the hopes of finding out the password for the safe and getting to the candy… Let’s see if he can do it!

So, today we are making a cool cardboard safe with a combination number lock! We will need a lot of cardboard, guys! First, we need to make all the necessary pieces for our craft. To make it, we will need hot glue, scissors, and other things that you will probably find at home.After all, our safe will have a powerful and reliable door with a valve like those on real safes! And of course, we will program a special code to make it impossible to open the safe! You can open the door with a special mechanism and it will be illuminated with LED lights! Sammy, meanwhile, had made the foundation for the safe. And by the way, it looks like he spied on Sue and learned the code! What a sly fellow!

In such a safe you can store not only sweets, but also other important things! Gifts, money, or important mail! So be sure to try making this cool craft yourselves, guys! We hope you like it!

The best safes made by Sammy and Sue:

Money Safe From Cardboard

Cardboard Code Lock Safe

The Most Secure Cardboard Safe Ever

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