How to Make Interactive Bowling Game From Cardboard!

Sue was going to throw an empty cardboard box out, when her slime friend Sam reminded her of the need to recycle things. Cardboard boxes are great for making cardboard crafts! And though that particular box wasn’t big enough to make the whole craft out of it, it still inspired Sue to make a craft she was planning to make for a long time. And slime Sam is going to help her!

To make this amazing cardboard bowling game, you’re going to need several large pieces of cardboard, a bit of thread, hot glue, a wooden skewer, and a plastic bottle lid. The measurements for the cardboard pieces are given in the video! You need to glue them together. Then attach pieces of thread to the bowling pins (Sue’s using mini bowling pins from Sam’s collection, but you can use any bowling pins you can find, or even make them yourself!). After that, you’ll need to assemble a simple mechanism for bringing bowling pins into their initial position. And don’t forget some decorations! Stick them on or draw them with markers. Or both.

When everything is ready, bring some marbles in and you can play! Watch Sam and Sue do it 7:22

Share this idea with your friends, make the craft together, and have fun!

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