Tutorial: How to Create a Beautiful Photo Slideshow with Music (Movavi Video Editor 12)

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Hello everybody! We’ve prepared a new tutorial for you so you can learn how to make an original gift from your photos and with beautiful music for your loved ones. Movavi Video Editor is the program that will help you prepare your personalized gift. Did I mention that it would also take almost no time? Use our built-in ‘Slideshow wizard’ and the software will do all the work for you!
It’s super easy to surprise your family and friends with a video made from photos of you all together. Just follow the instructions in our video tutorial and start creating!
Step 1. Install Video Editor. Next, open the program and select “Slideshow wizard” in the pop-up window.

Step 2. Add files
Click on “+ Files” and select the photos you want to use in your slideshow.

Step 3. Select a transition style
Link your photos together with animated transitions in your choice of style: there’s dissolution, simple, geometric, art, and many more.

Want to know how a particular transition will look? Watch these demos that show the different transition collections in Movavi Video Editor:

Artistic collection:
Geometric collection:
Step 4. Add music. Click “Add one of our tracks” to select one of the audio tracks included with the program, or upload your own choice of music. To do this, click the “+Audio” and select your favorite piece.

Step 5. Add captions and filters to enhance and personalize the slideshow

Step 6. Save your finished film. Click “Export”, then select the “Save as video” tab if you plan to watch your video on a computer. To play the finished video on a mobile device, select the appropriate tab and save for Apple, Android, or other device.

And that’s how you can easily create a beautiful slideshow! Make them as special birthday or wedding presents. You can even create a biopic using photos from all your years together. Go ahead and experiment – then enjoy your video album.

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