Pineapple Plants: How to Grow a Pineapple

Growing a Pineapple; Pineapple Plants

Want to know how to grow a pineapple; pineapple plants grow inside or outside depending on the weather. All you have to do is tear away some of the leaves to expose the roots a little bit and then place it in good soil. Add plenty of water and watch it start to grow.

Good Morning! This is Matt from Creative Cooking Corner down here in lovely Key West. You can see we have another beautiful day, which is pretty much the norm down here. Today we are not really going to cook anything, but I thought I would show you something I like to do on my spare time I guess goofing off. Um… I’m going to show you how to plant a pineapple.

What we have here is the cut off end – the top of it. What happens after you plant it and what you can expect in the future. So all I’m going to do is I’m going to grab it, and you notice this thing isn’t very pretty looking. It is kind of beat up and old looking. Don’t worry about that. It will grow. So you’re just going to grab this base here and take the top and you’re going to twist it off. Throw your parts in the basket there.

Alright, now what you have is all these little leaves right here. So I’m going to start peeling these off. And I can already see there are some roots in here that have started. As you peel back more and more leaves, you’ll see more and more roots. You just kind of have to turn it while you are peeling them off. Ah yeah… now we’re see some nice roots, so we’ll just keep peeling off a few more of these. And you know, really it is up to you have far you want to go. See there’s another couple of nice roots. And I think that’s about good. I’m not seeing too many more roots underneath there. There’s a few.

But you know this would be a nice project you could do with say you had kids, family, daughters, sons, whatever. You can show them how to cut open a pineapple, and then you can bring them outside and do a quick little thing and just watch it grow together. So, but anyways, there it is. You got it. See all the roots are exposed.

Okay? Follow me over here. Now I’ve got this nice pot of potting soil. I’m going to put it in here and kind of make a soft spot there. Just push it in just like that. Not too far. Then take your water and just water it in. And don’t be afraid to pour it right on top of the pineapple like this. That’s what they are made for. They are made to catch water and send it down to the roots. So you don’t want to put it in too far. But you also need to have it in far enough where it will hold itself up.

And there you have it! So now what you will have in a few weeks, you will end up with something like this. And you can see here where the old leaves are. They just need to be trimmed off and this is all brand new growth coming. And this is probably about a month I would guess. So this started from this. And then it takes a while, but in about a year you can force this thing to fruit by putting some sodium carbonate right down in here. Or you can just sit an apple on there, bag it overnight and the methylene gas coming off the apple will force this thing to fruit. Then you’ll start growing a stock out of the middle with a pineapple on it. And I’ll see you next time!