IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain (HOW TO FIX IT!)

In this episode Adam and Sal share different techniques on how to conquer and treat knee and IT band pain. Many people gravitate toward foam rolling but still are unable to get rid of the pain.

Place your right hip on top of the foam roller.
Straighten both legs out.
This will probably hurt a lot.
Roll up very slowly until you find an area that hurts.
Sit on that spot for 10-15 seconds.
Don’t roll back and forth. Don’t tense up.
(1-3 minutes per leg)

Leg swings
20 reps each leg
Alternate by leading with your heel then switching to leading with your toes
90 / 90’s
Make sure your knee, hips, and shoulder lined up.
Tall and straight with good posture.
Sink into the stretch.
Lift your back trail leg off the ground.
Pin your knee into the floor and rotate out.
Hold for 10-15 seconds
Don’t be afraid of the cramping.
5-10 reps
Shift your weight to the outside of your feet.
Push your knees out.
Keep tension the entire time.
10 steps each direction.
Perfect warmup to do before you get into your lifting.
Do these before every single workout.
Perfect for runners.

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