How to Use a Fountain Pen

Small, subtle details such as handwritten notes really express the fine character of an individual. Taking the time to use a beautiful, traditional fountain pen shows a strong sense of refinement that really sets you apart in this day in age. With this, you are given the freedom to customize your ink to show that extra hint of effort when creating a truly special note. The results are far more extraordinary than a regular rollerball pen making this an investment piece you can use forever. _________________________________________________________________

Step 1 (4:39 ): Take pen apart and flush ink out
Step 2 (4:52): Load converter with ink
Step 3 (5:16): Reinsert back into fountain pen
Step 4 (5:20): Prime the pen by push ink into the barrel
Step 5 (5:52): Wipe excess ink on cloth
Step 4 (6:01): Screw top part of the pen back on

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