How To Turn Small Talk Into An Amazing Conversation

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Small talk can be a drag – but it’s possible to turn those boring everyday conversations into a meaningful ones where you learn about and really connect with people.

That’s why in this video we’ll explore what you can learn from some of the best conversationalists of our era about moving from small talk to deep connection so you never worry about being boring. 


0:00 – Intro.
0:17 – #1: Let people know that you’re happy to speak with them.
1:59 – #2: Steer towards deeper conversational contexts.
3:01 – #3: Use “parroting”.
3:59 – #4: Advocate for things people are ashamed to have felt or done.
5:25 – #5: Pause to acknowledge vulnerability and courage.
6:14 – #6: Reveal your own vulnerabilities and unflattering truths.

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