How To Turn Awkwardness Into Attraction

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Aubrey Plaza is pretty well known for her awkward moments. Despite and even because of her awkwardness she is extremely popular, successful and attractive to a lot of people.

Which is why in this video we’re going to break down how to turn YOUR awkward moments into ones that actually make people more drawn towards you.


1:03 – 1A: Introduce yourself with some form of physical touch.
1:19 – 1B: Call out awkward moments when they happen.
2:27 – 2A: Lean into the awkwardness even further.
3:09 – 2B: Call out when you see someone making these social mistakes.
3:59 – 3: Add a sentence to your one word answer.
5:03 – 4A: Flat deliveries work best when what you are saying is outlandish.
5:25 – 4B: Laugh at yourself or simply explain yourself.
6:34 – 5: Introduce a “hard pivot”- Do/say something even more awkward than the situation itself.
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