How To Stop Shyness in 60 Seconds

Are you shy? Discover how to not be shy in social situations within 60 seconds of first feeling it.
Get our best tip to turning on confidence in just 60 seconds:

This is video on overcoming shyness will be useful to you if you have had the experience of getting locked up in your head in a social environment. You go from feeling comfortable and fine in one group to suddenly not knowing what to say. You draw a blank and when you can think of something, it’s just stupid and goes over poorly. Your hands don’t feel right anywhere.

So you don’t wind up hesitating and missing out on opportunities a networking events with new friends or even a first date.

Overcome Social Anxiety and Shyness by:

0:45 Stop trying to do anything and just exist (free yourself)
2:45 Overcome your shy voice that is in your head
5:30 Prepare for interaction to free yourself from social anxiety
7:30 An easy sentence to break through your shy pattern

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