How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs With NLP


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For this episode, I invited our resident NLP practitioner, Dan Lowe.
By sharing his techniques based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, he has helped many of our students overcome their limiting beliefs and negative thought processes which held them back from actioning better choices, and stopped them from generating strong results with women.
Dan overcame a very traumatic experience that happened when he was just sixteen years old, which he kindly opens up about on this episode. His ability to mentally and emotionally build himself back together, gave him the empathy and first hand understanding of how challenging it can be for someone to take the first steps to break away from a vicious cycle of pain and helplessness.
His insights and advice penetrate the most stubborn of mindsets, so much so, that one of our recent 7-Day Mastery students who had experienced persistent anxiety and low self esteem for many years said:

“After my session wth Dan, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. I went in feeling anxious and came out feeling free”

Zen Buddhists used the metaphor of a monkey mind to refer to the tendency for the mind to jump from thought to thought, constantly in motion, without conscious control. In this episode, Dan shows how people can master their ‘monkey mind’ and calm the unwanted persistent chatter and internal monologue in order to focus on the present, and ease themselves into any situation with self-control and clarity.