How to Knead, Ferment & Turn Baguette Dough | Make Bread

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Learn how to knead, ferment, and turn baguette dough in this bread making video from Howcast.

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I’m going to do a window pane test right now, because the O’Delice has helped expedite the kneading process, so we shouldn’t have to knead it terribly long. And you can see that the gluten is forming. It’s really stretchy. It’s partially stretchy, because we added poolish, and poolish adds extensibility to the dough. And you can see we’ve got a really beautiful window pane going on.

We probably need to knead it a little bit more, but I’m really happy with that, so we’ll knead it for another minute. The window pane test, basically is a check to see how the gluten is developing in the dough, and if all of the gluten is being developed you can really stretch the dough out. Because what the gluten does is it provides extensibility i.e., stretchiness, and also elasticity.

And so it’s that extensibility that you’re looking for in the gluten, so you’re checking to see how much you can stretch the dough. So once your baguette dough is kneaded, you’re going to transfer it into a lightly-oiled bowl, and then it’s going to ferment for a total of two hours, and we’re going to punch it down or turn it, after one hour.

All right, so the baguette dough has fermented for one hour and we’re going to punch it down or turn it, and so basically, I’m going to give it a letter fold. I’m going to rotate the bowl 90 degrees, and fold it again like a letter, and then flip the dough upside down and that’s called turning. You can see this has a nice extensibility to it, which is really what you want when you’re making a baguette dough. It will help with our shaping and then flip this upside down, and then I’m going to let this ferment for one more hour and then we will divide and shape it.