How To Give a Killer Presentation – With No Notes

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How To Give An Amazing Speech Without Using Notes

Public speaking is terrifying. But at some point in your life, no matter how much you avoid it, you’re going to get called on to give a speech. It could be a presentation for work, a best man speech at a wedding, who knows. And if you can’t give it without notes, you’re at a huge disadvantage. Because not only does it come off as less authentic if you’re constantly referencing notes, but if the powerpoint breaks, you’re screwed.

This video is going to to teach you how I regularly talk for 10-20 minutes, with minimal memorization and how you can learn to public speak without any notes too.

0:32 – Outline your speech in memory friendly form
2:00 – Write out everything on paper (or computer)
2:43 – Subvocalize your speech without using visual cues
4:25 – Memorize the first and last sentences word for word

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