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In this video I will teach you the things I learned about doodling! How To Doodle ( a whole page ) in ‘Vexx’ style 🙂 I explain you the 3 steps I go through to make this illustration and give you some secret tips during the process! I really hope you enjoyed the video and I hope you have learned something.

Also just a quick personal note on Skillshare : this is the first time I did a sponsored video. A lot of brands have asked me to do one but I always declined (although there was a lot of money on the table) because I didn’t like their stuff. But Skillshare is a site I had already used before, and it was very helpful to ME, so obviously it is something I would recommend to YOU aswell 🙂 Because I know a lot of my followers are aspiring artists and I know for a fact that this site will teach you skills you didn’t have before!
So yeah, just wanted to talk with you guys about this, I would never accept a sponsorship if it doesn’t add value to my viewers ❤️


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