Today I’m sharing the top 10 things to sanitize in your home. This is a quick cleaning and sanitizing routine you can follow daily or as needed to protect yourself and your family.

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EPA list of cleaners effective against C19:

Top High-Touch Surfaces to Clean and Disinfect:

~ Doorknobs
~ Table surfaces
~ Kitchen counters
~ Bathroom counters
~ Faucets and faucet knobs
~ Toilets (seat and handle)
~ Light switches
~ TV remote controls & Game controllers
~ Cell phone and ipad/tablets
~ Computer keyboard and mouse

*note, everyone’s home and routines are a little different, so just think about the surfaces you interact with most. This is not a complete list but the recommended top items to make sure you are sanitizing. Most touched items in your home will vary so adjust list as necessary, this is just a general guideline! It’s most important to sanitize if you 1) have left your home and interacted with others 2) have had people in your home 3) have a sick person in your home

SOURCE and more information: Center for Disease Control

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