How To Crush Any Interview

Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression:

How To Crush Any Interview

These are great tips on how to crush any interview to get the job! One of the moments in your life where you are absolutely going to want your confidence and your charisma to be on point is when you are sitting in an interview chair because when you’ve arrived there, they’ve decided that you have what it takes to get this job but you still have to show the person across from you that you’re someone that they like, that they could work with, and that you can communicate the skills that make you a good fit which is why in this video I want to show you exactly how to prep for and crush any interview and that includes answering specific questions like, “Tell me about yourself? What’s your greatest weakness and tell me about a time when…” so we’re going to jump right into it; I got a lot to say. The first piece is on mindsets.

The number one thing that screws people up when they get in interviews besides having not prepped, and you’re here so congratulations for that, is that they just get tongue-tied — their confidence is gone — because they’re putting so much pressure on the situation. And in order to alleviate this, what I recommend you do and that they do is to zoom out. Imagine yourself at 90 years old. You’re looking back at your life. You see the successes, the failures, the happy moments, the sad ones, and I promise you, as you do that and you scan for the most pivotal moments in your life that we’re hyper critical, you will not see the interview that you have coming up; there’s no chance. It’s just not going to crack something that absolutely changes the inevitable course of your life

00:37 Your mindset during an interview will get you the job
01:51 Preparation before an interview is another key to get that job

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