How To Create An Attractive Voice

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An attractive, confident voice can totally change your life, making you more appealing to whoever you’re dating, impacting how much people respect your ideas and follow your leadership, even determining how funny people think you are. It completely shapes how people respond to you.

And there are a LOT of ways to do it wrong.

I absolutely trashed my vocal chords by following some bad advice, which I’ll touch on during this video. It actually got so bad that I needed surgery. I was completely mute for a month recovering, it was a bad time.

For the last 8 months I’ve spent many many hours and thousands of dollars working with multiple speech therapists, singing coaches, and Alexander Technique trainers. And I want to share some of the biggest takeaways that can help you have an attractive, confident, healthy voice.

1:01 How to have an attractive voice pitch and timbre and the wrong way of doing it
1:49 How to have a deeper voice and how to get a deeper voice
2:45 How to have a strong, resonant voice that projects and carries
3:25 A common misconception about how to breath into your diaphragm
3:57 Tips to have confidence for public speaking and be more attractive
6:00 Some exercises in how to sound confident and how to speak confidently
7:36 How to have a better voice and how to have a confident voice that’s more expressive
8:55 A special announcement for Charlie’s birthday. Happy 30th big guy!

And here’s the Elliot Hulse video How To Create A DEEPER Voice that I referenced!

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