How To Command Respect Without Being A Jerk

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You’re going to come across some conversational bullies in the course of your life. Generally, people try to shut them down with insults and aggression, and some others prefer to walk away from these interactions to avoid that kind of negativity.

But there is a third, potentially more effective way to deal with these toxic people. Russell Brand, for instance, tries to take control of the conversation instead of shutting it down. This allows him to stand up for himself without coming across like a jerk. His interview with three hosts at the MSNBC morning show is a perfect example of the main strategies that you can use to dominate any bully in any conversation.


0:55 – Practice #1: Continue speaking until the end of your sentence.
1:55 – Practice #2: Treat each member of a group as an individual.
2:51 – Practice #3: Emphasize similarities with other members.
10:01 – Practice #4: Learn to detach your ego from personal attacks.

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