How to Butcher a Cow. | ENTIRE BREAKDOWN | by The Bearded Butchers!

Seth Perkins is going to show you how to butcher beef the right way and describe all the cuts of beef. This is not a beef butcher chart or a beef cut chart, this is the ultimate guide to how to cut beef with just your butcher knife and your butcher saw from your favorite butcher shop, Whitefeather Meats.

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Starting with the front quarter of beef (beef brisket, beef foreshank, beef arm roast, beef chuck roast, beef neck) : 1:18
Dry Aged beef ribs and removing the skirt steak (beef ribs, beef short ribs, beef ribeye steak, beef prime rib, beef rib steaks): 5:51
Breaking down the beef rib section: 9:04
Breaking down the rest of the beef front quarter (beef pot roast, beef chuck roast, beef neck, beef soup bones, crosscut shank, beef brisket): 12:20
What is beef brisket :15:41
What is beef chuck roast, remove the beef gristle (beef flat iron steak is the second most tender cut of beef, mock tender steak, beef stew meat or ground beef, beef chuck eye steak, beef blade roast, beef short ribs, top blade steak): 17:41
Beef arm roast cuts (bone in pot roast, mock tender steak for beef stew): 25:56
Overview of all of the cuts and steaks from the front quarter of beef: 29:20
Netting the beef chuck roasts: 30:05
Starting the hind quarter cuts of beef (beef flank steak): 31:00
Beef round tip roast, beef tri tip steak and beef sirloin tip roast: 33:25
Remove the beef suet (beef kidneys, suet soap): 35:45
Remove the beef sirloin and the beef short loin (beef sirloin steak, beef tenderloin steak or beef filet mignon (most tender steak), new york strips same as striploin, pin bone steak): 36:37
What is a tomahawk steak, t bone steak, sirloin steak, porterhouse steak, ribeye steak: 46:32
Onto the beef round portion (oyster steak, top round roast can be London broil or how to cut beef jerky, eye of round roast, bottom round roast makes for good beef jerky or beef cube steak): 57:31
Cutting up the beef hind shank for beef soup bones: 1:04:22
Cleaning up the trimmings for ground beef: 1:04:54
Overview of all of the cuts of beef and steaks from the hind quarter of beef laid out on the butcher table: 1:07:33