How To Be Sarcastic WITHOUT Being A Jerk

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How To Be Sarcastic Without Being A Jerk – Deadpool/Ryan Reynolds Breakdown

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We often see the sarcastic moments of Ryan Reynolds, the actor of Deadpool, and in this video, we talk about how to use sarcasm without looking like a jerk. Sarcasm is one of the toughest types of humor to pull off. When executed improperly, it can leave people angry at you as often as it leaves them laughing. So in this video, we are going to take a look at the king of sarcasm, Ryan Reynolds, a.k.a. Deadpool.

So how do you use sarcasm without leaving people angry or hurt? Well, if you’re going to do it it cannot be a one-off potshot; otherwise, it feels like a pointed attack. So getting in the habit of joking all the time even in semi serious moments helps signal to others that your statements are usually to be taken in jest. We also talked about this at length in our video on Chris Pratt so check it out as well!

0:34 Get into the habit of joking even in serious moments
3:17 Lessen filtering words to blurt out and experiment
5:16 Making yourself the buttt of your sarcastic comments helps
6:09 Still utilize compliments so as to not look like a total jerk

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