Flower pot making from styrofoam and cement | How to make flower pot

Do you have a styrofoam or thermocol at home ? If yes, then a beautiful flower pot can be made using it. It’s very lightweight compared to pot made of cement and sand.

Required materials: Styrofoam, cement, water, iron rods and white glue.

(Please wear a mask before grating styrofoam)

Take grinded styrofoam and mix it with the same amount of cement (ratio 1: 1). Add water, but not too much. We do not need a loose mixer. First make the base of the pot and install some iron rods there. Make small bricks by hand and complete all the walls as shown in the video. After 24 hours, spray some water in the pot. Make a paste of water, white glue and cement and apply it inwards. After two days, you can lift the pot. Attach the legs with cement foam or cement sand mixer ball. Keep one day to make the legs hard. After that your beautiful flower pot is ready.