Back to School Organization: How to Organize Your Binder & Supplies

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I used to loooooove back to school shopping when I was in school! There was nothing more refreshing than a brand new start to the school year with fresh new supplies.

In this video I take you back to 1998-2002 when I was in high school and tell you everything I used and tried (at least the stuff I remember!) to stay organized (which led me to get better grades). All of the reminiscing of my binder, school supplies, dividers, and locker make me sort of miss those days. One thing I will say is that I still remember my locker combination (5-15-36)- how crazy is that?! I guess some things you never forget!

If you’re heading back to school this week or next week, good luck this year! Although it seems like you’ll be in high school forever and you can’t wait to graduate and move on, enjoy it while it lasts because once its over, its gone for good. And before you know it, your 10-year high school reunion will be around the corner (mines in November).

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