🌼How to Dry and Preserve Flowers | Dried Flowers (Rose and Carnations) 🌹

🌹Today we use two methods to make dried flowers 🌼
# 1 Use silica gel crystals (desiccant) to make dried flowers
# 2 Natural air dry flowers

Two flowers are used in the video, roses and carnations. Comparing the two methods, the dried flowers made with desiccant are more beautiful, but the naturally dried roses are also very good

Comparing the two methods, dried flowers made with desiccants are more beautiful, but naturally air-dried roses are also very good.

At the end of the video, there are two methods to compare, you can choose your favorite method of making dried flowers.

Material list:
1. Silica Gel Crystals:

Other Material:
1. Epoxy Resin:
2. Resin kit (Molds and Tools):
3. Mold material (Plexiglass sheet):
4. Mold material (Silicone Cube):
5. ResinTint – Liquid Pigment (10 Pack):

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